Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents typically involve high speeds and high-impact forces. As a result, they can lead to significant, life-altering injuries. The outcome is often particularly devastating if the roof caves in on the occupants, resulting in severe head, back, neck and shoulder injuries. Paralysis and traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon.

Any number of circumstances can lead to rollover accidents, including:

  • Getting side-swiped by another vehicle
  • Losing control due to adverse weather conditions
  • Striking a guardrail, barrier or grass on the shoulder
  • Rounding a sharp curve at high speeds
  • Swerving suddenly or over-correcting

Driver fatigue, distractions, inadequate safety features and dangerous vehicle designs can also contribute to rollover accidents. Vehicles with high centers of gravity — such as SUVs and RVs — are particularly prone to roll over during accidents or collisions.

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