Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is an increasingly popular way to get around. Compared to cars, bicycles are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and an excellent form of exercise. For some, cycling is a daily means of commute. For others, it is a hobby or weekend activity. In either scenario, sharing the road with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles can be risky. Catastrophic collisions with cars or other vehicles can change the course of your life.

Victim Of A Driver’s Inattention Or Fatigue?

The Georgetown area in Texas is not an ideal haven for bicyclists. In the aftermath of an accident, the driver or insurance company may wrongly assume that the cyclist was at fault when in fact it was the driver who slipped up.

Motorists often fail to pay attention to cyclists. They may be distracted or talking on a cellphone. They may be drunk behind the wheel. They may be suffering from drowsiness that impairs their driving — particularly health care workers and others who work nights. For whatever reason, they may fail to observe traffic rules or check their blind spots. All too often, bicyclists end up seriously injured as a result of drivers’ inattention or negligence.

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If you were struck by a motorist while on a bicycle, you need a strong advocate with the experience, knowledge and gumption to stand up for your rights. In the Williamson County area, contact me, attorney at The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C. My extensive experience in personal injury law translates to effective strategies for success.

Bicycle accidents typically result in significant, life-altering injuries or fatalities. Brain, spinal cord, neck and shoulder injuries are prevalent among victims of bicycle accidents. The medical ramifications may last a lifetime. I will work diligently to get you the help you need for maintaining financial stability and facing the future with greater confidence.

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