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When facing the difficult recovery process after suffering serious personal injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, you have enough to worry about. The legal complications as well as the physical and emotional recovery process can be overwhelming in itself, with the defendant and the insurance company facing you as adversaries. At a time like this, you need an attorney you can trust to be fair and ethical, diligent in advocating to protect your interests.

At The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C., I maintain a strong commitment to taking care of my clients. One of the most important aspects of this commitment is that I do not overcharge for my services. When you work with my law firm, you will be treated fairly and given exceptional representation at a reasonable price. Serving clients throughout the Georgetown, Texas, area, I make sure to treat my clients with compassion and fairness.

What Contingency Fees Mean To Your Claim

When a lawyer takes a personal injury claim, it is almost always on contingency. Rather than charging an hourly rate, an attorney working on contingency will earn a percentage of the compensation award won for the client. So, to establish the point with a simple example, if a contingency fee is set at 25 percent and your case brings $1,000 for a settlement, your lawyer would make $250.

Historically, the average contingency percentage has been somewhere between 33 percent and 40 percent. In recent years, however, many lawyers have been increasing this percentage. Some Austin firms charge upward of 40 to 50 percent or more.

It is possible that almost half of your overall injury compensation could go right into the hands of your attorney rather than in your pocket. And that is before you consider any charges for filing fees, administrative fees or other costs. At my law firm, I am committed to providing you with exceptional legal representation at a fair rate.

Ethical Representation From An Attorney You Can Trust

“When we first met Mr. Knickerbocker, it was not necessarily under the most ideal of circumstances. We were instantly put at ease with his kindness and knowledge. I am so thankful that we found him. Mr. Knickerbocker is someone that we can trust to treat us fairly and like we are his family. We have always felt that we get top priority, no matter what he may be currently working on. For that we are truly thankful.”

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This is a common experience for my clients. No one calls a personal injury attorney unless something has gone wrong. I know that when people hire me, it is because they are in a vulnerable situation. Perhaps they are frightened and confused about the process, dealing with physical and emotional recovery and a number of other issues. My job is not to take advantage of my clients but to represent their interests.

When you work with me, I will treat you fairly and charge reasonable, ethical fees for my services.

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