Neck And Back Injury Litigation

With the brain stem located on the base of the neck, and the information from brain running along the back to the various parts of the body, injuries to the neck and back can harm every aspect of the body’s functioning. Paralysis, loss of feeling, loss of balance and a number of other problems are common with this type of injury.

If you have suffered a serious back or neck injury, make sure you work with a neck injury attorney you can trust to give you the service you need and protect your right to full compensation.

At The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C., I have a wealth of experience representing clients who have suffered back and neck injuries and other catastrophic injuries in Austin, Cedar Park and throughout the Georgetown area of Texas.

Handling the insurance company properly is especially important in cases involving serious back and neck injuries. While the insurance company might offer you compensation to cover the initial costs of medical bills and some portion of your lost wages, back and neck injuries often have lifelong consequences. I will fight to help you obtain compensation for the full extent of your costs, including lifelong medical bills, lost wages, the costs of adapting to your long-term injuries and any other costs that might arise.

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