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Changeover to electronic logs highlights truck risks on roads

Sharing the road with massive commercial trucks can be terrifying, especially if you're traveling at high speeds on a freeway or interstate. It only takes a momentary mistake or lapse in judgment by a commercial driver to cause a catastrophic crash that destroys smaller vehicles and leaves people severely injured or even dead. These vehicles can take a long time to stop and require more space to turn. They also have huge blind spots that prevent them from seeing everyone else nearby.

Pedestrian accidents can result in major injuries or even death

Texas is a huge state with a large population. That means that there are a lot of crashes taking place on Texas roads and highways. Many of these crashes are minor, creating only slight injuries and moderate property damage. However, some of these collisions are more serious, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even death.

It's possible to modify custody and support orders after a Texas divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for everyone involved. No matter how certain you are about the divorce being the best for everyone involved, you are likely to experience powerful emotions during and after your divorce. Those feelings could lead you to behave in ways that you later regret. In some cases, emotions during divorce can cause people to become quite passive, afraid to push for what they want in the divorce because they just want it to be over.

Federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from texting at the wheel

Massive commercial trucks pose serious risk to everyone in passenger vehicles. The immense discrepancy in weight and size between a commercial truck and the typical car, truck or SUV on the road leaves those in the smaller vehicle at increased risk. Many times, the large 18-wheelers or semi trucks completely destroy the passenger vehicles they collide with, severely injuring or even killing the people inside.

Motorcyclists: Avoid accidents with a pre-ride safety checklist

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable -- and dangerous -- things someone can do in Texas. For that reason, every motorcyclist needs to take precautions to prevent the threat of a collision so they can enjoy their hobby (or passion) injury-free for many years to come.

Are you protected if an uninsured driver causes an accident?

You may think that because you carry an active auto insurance policy on your vehicle, you are protected in the event of a crash. In reality, insurance coverage is more complex. Depending on the kind of policy you have and the riders it includes, there could be circumstances when you find you don't have adequate coverage.

Watch for signs of a brain injury after a car crash

Getting into a car crash is a terrifying and frustrating experience. It doesn't matter where you were headed, your whole day grinds to a stop. You may think you weren't hurt and simply want to move on, but you will have to wait for law enforcement to come before you can leave the scene. In your rush to put the experience behind you, you may accidentally overlook signs of a potentially serious injury.

Hiding assets is more common than you might think in Texas divorces

Getting divorced can bring out the worst in some people. It is an emotionally stressful time that may inspire the desire to "win" or beat your spouse in any way possible as you end your marriage. For many people, these feelings can result in a protracted, contentious divorce that the courts must settle.

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