Road rage incidents are not uncommon in Texas. Drivers may think it will not happen to them, but a small gesture is sometimes all it takes to initiate the conflict. Below are a few tips on how to defuse anger both in one’s self and in the other motorist.

Drivers should try to remain calm. For some, playing classical music can help. Drivers should tell themselves that they will not get to their destination any sooner because of their rage. They should also know that gripping the steering wheel constricts blood flow and will leave them with a headache afterwards if they persist.

As for keeping other drivers in check, it comes down to avoiding inflammatory actions. This can include hand gestures, honking the horn and flashing the headlights. Perhaps a driver is tailgating a slow driver on the left-hand lane of the highway; in that case, the slow driver should change lanes as soon as it’s safe, neither slowing down nor speeding up to do so.

In traffic jams, people should keep plenty of space from the vehicle in front. This will give them room to make a getaway in case they meet with aggression. Drivers should also be courteous in parking lots and not get angry when a spot is taken.

When motor vehicle accidents are caused by aggressive drivers, then those who were injured may be eligible for compensation. Of course, victims may be partially to blame if they purposefully angered the other driver. To see how their case might fare, victims may want to discuss their situation with an attorney.