If you’re a pedestrian and are hit by a car, it’s going to be devastating for yourself and those around you. While many people are lucky to survive, others are not as fortunate. Take, for example, this horrifying story out of Texas.

A driver, 24, allegedly struck a pedestrian who went through the windshield and into the vehicle. The driver then went on to drive for a half of a mile before coming to a stop south of the accident and walking without shoes to a local bar.

The South Austin Beer Garden’s patrons noticed the unusual situation, and one of the co-owners of the beer garden saw the man crawl out of a drainage ditch that was in front of the building. The young man looked distraught, which further drew attention to him. The staff members called the police and kept the man at the bar until they arrived.

The authorities reported that the victim was deceased in the vehicle’s front passenger seat. They noted that no brake marks were seen anywhere between the site of the accident and where the man eventually ended up, which means that the man may not have noticed the pedestrian before hitting them at full speed. The 24-year-old man was asked to take a sobriety test and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of being drunk behind the wheel.

A wrongful death like this is a shock to anyone who witnesses it and those who love the person who passed. If you lose a loved one like this, you need to look into your rights and know that there are people who can help you fight for fair compensation. Nothing can bring back anyone you’ve lost, but good help can hold those responsible liable.