Drivers should never use their phones in the car

Every day, people die in unnecessary, avoidable accidents. They lose their lives because other drivers could not stay off of the phone. Whether they're talking or texting, these drivers put everyone in danger, and it has to stop.

After all, even victims who live through these catastrophic crashes could have traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, amputation injuries and many other life-changing issues. They may never be able to walk, work, talk or enjoy their hobbies again. The changes can ruin relationships and families.

It's not worth it. Everyone needs to put their phones away. Again, all of these distracted driving accidents involving cellphone use are 100% avoidable if all drivers would just commit to safety.

Is talking really dangerous?

This is one questions that people often ask. They make a call, rather than texting, because they think it's safe. They can still look at the road. Isn't that enough?

It's not. Talking is still a cognitive distraction as you think about the phone call. You likely have to hold the phone with one hand, or you at least have to reach for it to dial. That's a physical distraction. Even with hands-free systems, your mind wanders.

Have you ever had someone who is in the room with you ask you a question while you're on the phone? Suddenly, you find it impossible to listen properly to either person, the one standing next to you or the one on the phone. Your brain just can't process both. You have to pause and get your bearings before deciding whom to talk to.

Driving is no different. Your mind must stay on the task at hand. Just being able to see the road does not mean you are safe.

"No phone call is worth injuring yourself or injuring another person," said one industry expert. "Whatever call's coming in can wait until you're in a place where you can safely take that call."

The same theory holds true with texting. Just because the phone buzzes in someone's pocket does not mean they have to check that message right away. People often forget this because they're used to reading and responding right away, and they may even feel that other people expect them to do so. But they shouldn't give in. It's far better to let that notification wait until they arrive or at least until they safely pull over to the side of the road.

After an accident

You know that using the phone is a pointless risk. Unfortunately, that does not mean that other drivers won't do it. These accidents keep happening. If you suffer serious injuries because of someone's negligent, careless activity behind the wheel in Austin, you need to know what legal steps to take.

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