For many people across Texas, the summer is a time to kick back and relax. Although they may work throughout the summer, they likely will take vacation at some point and will do everything in their power to make the most of their weekends.

To some people, a relaxing summer adventure likely looks something like taking the boat out or going to an amusement park with the family. For others, it might look more like over-indulging with alcohol at a backyard barbecue or picnic. Some people will even intentionally drink while driving, a practice known as “booze cruising.”

The desire to enjoy the summer with relaxation and alcohol is common. Unfortunately, some of those people will inevitably wind up on the road after having had a few drinks. That can put everyone on the Texas roadways at increased risk of a serious crash.

People think that driving after a few drinks is okay

There is a surprisingly large contingent of people who believe that there is a difference between feeling the effects of alcohol and being totally drunk. Many people will wrongly assume that alcohol won’t impair their ability to drive unless they are so drunk that they stumble or slur their words.

The truth is that driving is a complex activity that requires good eye-hand coordination and rapid responses to sudden changes in road conditions. Alcohol can make people feel distracted and increase how long it takes them to respond to environmental changes.

In other words, if someone feels any sort of physical or mental effect from alcohol, they probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, if they don’t think they are too drunk to drive, people will still drive after drinking. The end result could be a terrible crash that causes injuries to you or to someone you love.

Just because there are criminal consequences doesn’t mean you can’t sue

People who cause a crash while driving drunk will almost inevitably face some criminal charges in Texas. The state has very little tolerance for dangerous drunk driving. The person who caused the crash that injured you could wind up facing jail time or paying massive fines.

While criminal consequences are a form of justice, they are not the only justice available to you. In fact, you have the right as a victim to hold the drunk driver accountable even if there is already a criminal conviction for the crash. After all, a conviction does not undo the financial consequences of that drunk driver’s decision on your life.

The conviction could bolster your case and make it easier to secure a judgment against the drunk driver who caused the collision.