Car crashes happen every day in the state of Texas. Some of them are minor, with nothing more than property damage and maybe some bruising to the people involved. Others are more significant, causing massive injury and even death.

One of the more severe injuries people can suffer after a major collision is the spinal cord injury leading to paralysis. Some people can also develop partial paralysis or other mobility issues as a result of traumatic brain injuries. Regardless of whether you injured your head or your back, a paralyzing injury that affects your mobility can completely change your life.

You may require extensive and ongoing medical care

In the immediate aftermath of an accident that leaves you with compromised mobility, you will likely incur substantial medical costs. Emergency transportation to the hospital is incredibly expensive on its own. Combine that with emergency care, trauma care, surgery and hospitalization, and you could be looking at a five-figure hospital bill.

That’s before you factor in things like ongoing care, physical therapy and medications that you will require after your discharge. For many people, even those who will not regain the ability to walk, physical therapy will become a necessity.

It prevents the affected areas of the body from atrophying and helps reduce pain and other issues related to decreased mobility. For those with a better prognosis, physical therapy, rehabilitation services and other expensive medical interventions are likely required for months or even years before a full recovery is possible.

An accident can change or end your career

In the immediate wake of an accident, many people focus on the days of work they will miss due to hospitalization. That can be a significant amount of time, and it can represent a substantial amount of wages. However, just because you get out of the hospital does not mean you can return to work.

If your job requires physical effort, you may not be able to perform the same duties you once did. A change in responsibilities or potentially even a total career change may be required if you want to continue working after an accident.

Mobility issues can limit your ability to care for yourself

For some people, self-care may no longer be something they handle on their own after a crash. Mobility issues can impact someone’s ability to handle daily tasks many of us take for granted. Showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed and even going to the bathroom are all much more difficult when you can’t use all of your body.

Some people only require assistive technology, like wheelchairs and special showers, to care for themselves. Others will require around-the-clock nursing. In some cases, that comes from a family member. Other times, an outside professional provides the support and care you need throughout the day.

Injuries that limit your mobility can cost you a lot

Suffering an injury that affects your ability to move, work and care for yourself can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. If the crash that left you injured was the result of someone else’s bad decision, you should learn more about your options. You may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses.