It seems like the construction on I-35 will never end. Just as workers complete one section, concrete barriers and orange barrels appear at another. Sometimes, road construction can cause lanes to be very narrow, which makes traveling them very dangerous, especially with traffic that is traveling above the speed limit.

While Texas has made progress in making these zones safer for the workers, the reality is that more drivers die in work-zone collisions than the men and women working on the road. This is mostly due to speeding and inattention. If you are commuting around the Georgetown area, the following tips can help you stay safe in construction zones.

Choose an alternate route

Not only are work zones more dangerous for drivers, they can also cause massive traffic delays. Planning out and following an alternate route can not only keep you safe, but might also take less time than getting caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic that is at a standstill.

Stay focused

When you have a concrete barrier six inches from your driver side door and a semi six inches from your passenger side, it is vital that you stay focused. While using a cellphone and driving is never a good idea, it becomes even more dangerous when you do it in a construction zone. The multi-tasking can wait until you have parked.

Keep your distance

If you keep the standard three car lengths behind the car in front of you, consider increasing that distance in a work zone. These areas are definitely not where you want to tailgate. Studies have shown that rear-end collisions occur more frequently in construction zones, so it is important to put some extra distance between you and the car in front.

Watch for worker signals

In addition to maintaining a safe speed and paying extra attention to what is happening around you, also stay on the lookout for signals from the workers themselves. Flaggers can indicate that you need to stop or merge into another lane. Be sure you watch for these signals and obey them.

The above safety tips can help if you find yourself driving through a construction zone. Unfortunately, while you can control how you drive through these dangerous areas, you cannot control what other drivers do. If you have been in a car accident with a negligent or reckless driver, you may be able to file a claim for your medical expenses and the damage to your vehicle.

What are you doing to stay safe in work zones?