Let’s say you were driving to work early on a Monday morning. You wanted to get a head start on some reports your boss asked you to prepare, so you made it your goal to get into the office by 5 a.m. What you didn’t count on was the fact that you’d be sharing the road with a drunk driver.

A man in a pickup truck came flying out of nowhere, straight through a red light and t-boned your compact car. You were lucky to survive, but not without suffering severe chest injuries. What you’ve now come to discover is that chest injuries are some of the most common problems suffered by motor vehicle accident victims.

The chest cavity is the most vital area in our bodies

The chest area is the most vital area in our bodies for life. This is why it’s protected by our breastbones, flexible rib cages and tough spinal columns. However, no matter how strong your bones are, they will never be strong enough to protect you in a car accident.

Our bodies are no match for the gravitational forces and heavy machinery at play during a serious motor vehicle collision. Common chest injuries suffered car accident victims include:

— Broken ribs

— Collapsed lungs

— Cardiac arrest

— Internal bleeding

— Organ damage

— Abdominal injuries

Chest injuries often require emergency medical attention

When vital organs around the chest area are damaged, emergency medical attention is often required. Doctors need to quickly re-inflate and stabilize a collapsed lung. Emergency surgery could be necessary to correct internal bleeding, organ damage and other abdominal injuries.

Hurt in a car crash? The law may be on your side

No kind of medical care is cheap these days. Furthermore, unless you do something proactively about it, the medical bills caused by your car accident injuries will likely fall on you.

Fortunately, Texas personal injury law tends to side with victims of accidents caused by the negligence or unlawful behavior of others. As such, it could benefit you financially to learn more about the legal strengths and weaknesses that apply to the facts and circumstances surrounding your car accident injuries.