Every Georgetown driver has seen their fellow drivers texting or using a smartphone while driving down the road. Just look to your left or right and you’ll see countless drivers with their noses buried in their cellphones.

The problem with this behavior is the fact that it’s far more dangerous than drunk driving. Although extremely deadly and dangerous, intoxicated drivers tend to watch the road carefully. Conversely, drivers using digital devices will take their eyes off the road for multiple seconds at a time. This creates a recipe for disaster — as these distracted drivers might not notice obstacles until it’s too late.

The “Textalyzer” could change all this by making it easier for police to determine if a driver was texting or not leading up to a crash.

How the Textalyzer would work

The Textalyzer would be a new tool that officers can use after an auto collision. The technology would enable police to download data off a driver’s digital device. This lets police know if the driver was using his or her cellphone before a crash.

Without the Textalyzer, police require a warrant to extract cellphone information. However, with the Textalyzer, police would have the tools required to detect texting while driving — making it easier to enforce texting while driving and smartphone-related laws.

Let’s say a driver was texting on WhatsApp when he or she hit you. By plugging in the Textalyzer, police can determine what apps the driver was using and when. They can then issue a citation or arrest a driver who may have caused a serious or injurious accident while distracted by his or her phone.

Pursue a claim for damages against a distracted driver

A driver who was using his or her cellphone and caused a crash as a result will be liable for injuries and damages associated with the accident. As such, Georgetown distracted driving car accident victims may want to discuss their claim with an attorney who can assist in pursuing their case.

What things have you noticed distracting drivers?