When you regularly ride a motorcycle in Texas, you probably know a thing or two about safety already. You know that wearing the right gear, often leather, can protect you if you crash or slide while on your motorcycle. You know that taking steps to make yourself more visible can help protect you from negligent drivers in larger vehicles. You probably even understand the importance of a helmet, but do you wear one? Every year in Texas, several hundred people die while driving motorcycles. In 2015, the most recent year with state statistics available, more than half of the people killed weren’t in helmets.

Wearing a helmet won’t protect you from the bad decisions or ignorance of other drivers. A helmet won’t stop someone from merging into a lane where you’re driving or protect you if someone turns abruptly in front of you because that person didn’t see you. However, wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries to your head and brain in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle drivers deserve protection, both legal and physical

There are a lot of reasons people drive motorcycles. Maybe you enjoy the feeling of the wind rushing by you when you drive. Perhaps it helps keep you cooler during your daily commute. Some people drive motorcycles because of how fuel efficient they are, while others simply enjoy riding a motorcycle on the weekends for recreational purposes.

Whatever your reason for getting on a motorcycle, you deserve to be protected from serious injuries or death as the result of an accident. A helmet that has been tested by the Department of Transportation is one of the most critical forms of protection available to you.

Of course, legal protection is equally important. There is often a cultural bias against people who drive motorcycles, as some people associate the practice with organized crime. Law enforcement may be less likely to take your word than that of the other driver if that person was in a minivan or other more “reputable” vehicle.

You deserve to be treated fairly by the legal system and insurers if you were in an accident caused by another driver while you were operating a motorcycle. Your best chance for fair treatment may come from working with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney who can advocate for you.

An attorney can help you recover after a motorcycle crash

You shouldn’t have to worry about replacing your motorcycle and covering medical bills and lost wages if someone else causes an accident. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is often the best option after a motorcycle accident.