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Top 10 parking lot rules in Texas

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and while some people will be doing their shopping online, many will venture out to stores and malls to find the perfect gifts for friends and family.

On the busiest shopping days, parking lots will be crowded, shoppers will be in a rush, and the risk of getting into a fender bender will soar -- unless everyone is aware of these top 10 parking lot rules.

Read and share to stay safe!

10. Drivers in feeder lanes are required to yield to drivers in thoroughfares.

Thoroughfares are the lanes that connect with the streets. Feeder lanes are what you drive on before pulling into a parking spot. Drivers in feeder lanes must yield to drivers in thoroughfares even when there is no yield or stop sign.

9. Drivers backing out of parking stalls must yield to drivers in the feeder lanes.

The driver who is backing out of the traffic stall is required to wait until it is all clear instead of assuming that oncoming vehicles will slow down or stop.

8. When going for the same parking spot, the driver making a turn across the oncoming lane must yield.

Typically, this means that the driver turning left into the parking spot must yield to the driver turning right into the parking spot.

7. Do not tailgate.

Drivers must provide enough space so that the car ahead of them can slam on the breaks and they will have enough time to stop without rear ending

6. Texting and driving laws apply.

Just because drivers are off of the main roads doesn't mean it's okay to violate texting and driving laws that apply. In fact, it's arguably more important to follow these laws in parking lots, where vehicle and pedestrian accidents are very common.

5. Only park in designated spaces.

Generally, if a driver runs into a parked vehicle, that driver is liable. However, this might not be true if the car that was hit was parked somewhere other than a designated parking spot.

4. Watch for pedestrians.

Pedestrian accidents are very common in parking lots, often because of the blind spots created when drivers are backing out of stalls or the "blinders" that drivers have on when they see and open spot. Children and the elderly are especially at risk of pedestrian accidents in parking lots, so diligently keep an eye out for them.

3. The speed limit is 15 mph, unless otherwise posted.

Most large parking lots have speed limit signs posted. However, if there are no signs posted, assume that the speed limit is 15 mph, maximum.

2. Don't buy in to the false sense of security.

For whatever reason, pedestrians and drivers usually have a false sense of security in parking lots. However, one out of every five motor vehicle accidents occurs in a parking lot, so don't let your guard down.

1. If an accident occurs, get legal help.

Not all parking lot accidents are avoidable, especially when another driver is negligent. If you are injured in a parking lot accident, it's important to work with a personal injury lawyer who can make sure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company.

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