If you were hurt in an auto accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or other personal injury, one of the first decisions you must make concerns whether to hire a personal injury lawyer. If you decide to go ahead without an attorney, you run the risk of receiving a negative outcome in your personal injury lawsuit. Learn the top reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

1. An attorney can negotiate and advocate for you.

When you are undergoing rehabilitation and recovering from injuries, stress makes it difficult to heal. When you hire an attorney, the insurance company and other parties speak directly to your attorney instead of interrupting your recovery and adding significant stress to your life.

2. An attorney can prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

Many times, insurance companies will isolate and try to take advantage of pro se litigants, or people who haven’t hired lawyers. A lawyer can force insurance companies to be accountable and prevent a negative outcome from an uncooperative insurance representative.

3. You risk accepting a low settlement and running out of money.

The insurance company will attempt to get you to agree a settlement. Are you objectively able to evaluate the fairness of a proposed settlement offer? You don’t know whether your injuries will affect your ability to earn an income in the future. When you accept a low settlement, you can never reopen your case and you might not have enough settlement money to pay for your rehabilitation care and make up for lost wages.

4. You won’t convince the jury or judge and you’ll lose your case.

An attorney will work to gather evidence to support your claims and find expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf. Can you present as compelling of a case without a lawyer? If you go it alone, you risk failing to convince the judge and jury of your injuries, and losing your personal injury battle.

5. An attorney can help you make the best decision at every step.

Personal injury cases can drag on if the matter is contested. During this time, you must make many decisions, often under pressure from your opponents. Do not underestimate the impact of having an attorney who understands the law and can help you make the best decision during each phase of your case.