A hit and run accidents leave victims feeling completely violated and feeling as though they have few options. When the responsible individual leaves the scene of the crime, the struck driver may not know where to turn or how to get the insurance benefits needed to cover medical bills or the costs of repair.

Here are a few tips for steps to take immediately following a hit and run to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you need:

Do not chase the driver – Do what you can to get a license plate or any other information about the car as possible, but do not leave the scene of the accident to chase him or her. Get contact information from witnesses, if possible, and immediately call the police. Law enforcement will be much more effective at getting the driver than you would be.

Make sure you and all other passengers are safe – Check for injuries and get to a safe place. While the most immediate danger may have passed, there are still risks, and you want to prevent any other injuries.

Take pictures and record evidence – Use your phone or other device to immediately document the scene of the accident, taking pictures from all angles. Write down any details that may be relevant to tell the story of the accident.

Work with a skilled car accident attorney – A lawyer can help you review your insurance coverage to determine where you can receive benefits for the accident. Many people have underinsured motorist coverage and don’t know it. Even if you only have liability coverage, you may be able to get benefits from other policies.

At The Law Office of , we are experienced in assisting drivers in piecing together the insurance coverage and benefits they need to cover the cost of the accident, as well as any ongoing medical bills or treatment costs that may be incurred.