If you were recently involved in a car accident, are you sure your insurance company is paying out the full amount that you are entitled to under your policy? Insurance companies know that most people don’t understand how the insurance industry works or the tactics they will use to deny part or all of a claim.

Here are a few common tactics that are used in far too many accident claims to cheat policy holders out of what they are owed.

Trying to pretend they are on your side – While some insurance companies do look out for their policy holders and pay as much as possible on a claim, far too many try to make you feel that they are on your side and paying out as much as the claim is worth. Trust your gut. If you do not feel that you are getting the full amount you are due, seek a second opinion from a skilled motor vehicle accident attorney.

Offering quick settlements – Often insurance companies will move quickly to offer a settlement that they make you believe is generous. Again, make sure that you get a second opinion from an attorney before you sign any settlement. Once you sign a settlement, you are locked in for that amount, even if your claim is worth much more.

Pretending that there is no liability – Often insurance companies will claim that they are not liable for claim, offering as much confusing documentation and “evidence” as possible to avoid paying the claim. A lawyer can investigate the accident and put together the evidence needed to build a case against the insurance company.

Studies continue to suggest that individual who contact a lawyer following a car accident recover more than those who try to navigate the claims process on their own. At The Law Office of , we know how to put pressure on the insurance companies and beat them at their own game, recovering the full amount our clients are owed. For more information, click here.