After you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, you are likely entitled to compensation for the damages that you suffered. However, getting full and fair compensation is no easy task, unless you have a skilled personal injury lawyer fighting for you.

Why you need a lawyer

Even if your injuries seem to be minor, it’s still important to talk to a personal injury lawyer who can help prevent you from accepting a settlement before you know the true extent of your injuries. Additionally, your lawyer can make sure that you are aware of all the damages you may be entitled to, including compensation for pain and suffering.

Sometimes, people think that they do not need a lawyer because they have insurance. However, it’s important to remember that the insurance company has its own best interests in mind and will do whatever it can to save money, even if it means shortchanging you.

Other people tend to be wary of hiring a personal injury lawyer because they have heard that the lawyer will end up with a significant portion of their settlement when everything is said and done. We will address that concern below, as well as how you can keep more of your personal injury settlement in your own pocket.

How contingency fees work

Nearly all personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency instead of at an hourly rate. That means your lawyer will get a percentage of the compensation award that he or she helps get you. However, not all personal injury lawyers collect the same percentage. Some lawyers collect more than 40 percent of your award, and that is before court costs and fees have been factored in.

Making a contingency fee work for you

In order to keep as much of your personal injury settlement as possible, the most important thing you can do is to work with a law firm that offers excellent representation at a fair contingency rate. The Law Office Of , P.C. is that law firm.

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