For drivers in Texas, there are usually a number of risks when heading out on the road. While auto accidents can seem to be random and unlucky incidents, statistics indicate that there are certain days in which it is more dangerous to be on the road than others.

Research shows that car crashes are common during certain holidays, but they also happen on days that might not be so obvious. Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the beginning of summer and also a day in which drunk drivers are on the road. New Year’s Day also sees a sharp spike in alcohol-related accidents. July 4th is meant to celebrate the nation’s independence, but it is also a day in which alcohol use combined with a lot of vehicles on the road leads to a high number of crashes. Surprisingly, a British insurance company has released statistics showing that Friday the 13th is also an unlucky day to be on the road, regardless of the month in which it falls.

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration that involves proud, copious alcohol use. Naturally, some will choose to drive after drinking with unfortunate results. It has also been shown that the Monday after the beginning of daylight saving time sees an increase in motor vehicle accidents, with the reason likely to be that many drivers are sleep-deprived after the clocks have been moved forward by one hour.

Regardless of the time of year, automobile accidents can result in serious injuries to those who are involved. The financial losses can be significant to victims, including medical expenses and lost wages. In the event that the accident was caused by an impaired or otherwise negligent driver, an injured victim may choose to seek compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver.