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May 2015 Archives

Driver who caused accident did not understand traffic signal

Firefighters in Texas used cutting equipment to free a 60-year-old woman from the windshield of a pickup truck after a collision in Baytown on May 16. Police say that the accident was caused by a driver who did not understand that a blinking yellow light required her to yield to oncoming traffic. The collision occurred in the vicinity of State Highway 146 and Chambers Town Center at approximately 11:00 p.m.

Certain days when car accidents are more common

For drivers in Texas, there are usually a number of risks when heading out on the road. While auto accidents can seem to be random and unlucky incidents, statistics indicate that there are certain days in which it is more dangerous to be on the road than others.

Even brief distractions can increase the chances of a car crash

Texas motorists are likely aware that sending or reading text messages while driving can be extremely dangerous, but they may not know that glancing away from the road ahead for just two seconds could also increase the chances of an accident. One reason why brief glances at a car stereo, cellphone or GPS screen is dangerous is the amount of distance that vehicles at highway speeds cover in a short time. However, researchers from a leading auto insurance company say that the few moments that drivers require to readjust to the task at hand after such brief glances also adds to the risk.

Texas man dies in fire when hit by truck transporting kerosene

According to the Department of Public Safety in Chilton, an 18-wheeler westbound on State Highway 7 lost control on the wet road and slid into a pickup truck heading north on U.S. Highway 77. The crash caused a fire to engulf both vehicles because the 18-wheeler had a load of kerosene.