A 19-year-old Texas woman and two 72-year-old people from Canada lost their lives in an accident on April 6. The Department of Public Safety stated that the multi-vehicle collision near Tahoka was currently the subject of an investigation.

The accident happened at approximately 3:30 p.m. about 5 miles to the north of Tahoka. It is believed that a SUV was going southbound on Highway 87 when it ran into a pickup truck moving in the same direction. The reason for the initial collision is not known, but it resulted in the SUV losing control, driving across the median in the center of the Highway, and going into the path of oncoming traffic. It was there that it ran into a northbound RV motor home.

The two vehicles ran into each other head on, causing the SUV to roll into the ditch on the east side of the highway and flipping the RV onto its top. The motor home then caught fire, and the blaze spread to the stranded SUV. The Tahoka woman driving the SUV was killed in the fire as were both occupants of the RV, a married couple from Alberta Province. There were no other injuries or fatalities associated with this accident in the reports.

Those who have lost loved ones to fatal motor vehicle accidents may suffer economic and financial hardships in addition to the emotional trauma and harm to their family life. It may be possible to regain some compensation from those who caused the accident as they are legally liable for the outcome of their actions. A lawyer might be able to help formulate a wrongful death civil suit and file it properly.

Source: EverythingLubbock.com, “Three Killed In Highway 87 Head-On Collision,” April 6, 2015