One man was killed and two other men were injured in an two-car accident along Texas 71. The crash occurred on March 4 shortly before 11 a.m. The 50-year-old man who was killed reportedly veered into traffic in the opposite lanes, injuring his passenger and the other driver involved.

The man who was killed was driving a pickup truck westbound and towing a trailer when he allegedly crossed the centerline, swerving into eastbound traffic and striking another pickup truck. As the westbound truck swerved, it spun counterclockwise. The eastbound truck struck the other truck on the passenger’s side, and the passenger who was inside, a 44-year-old man, was seriously injured. The driver of the eastbound truck, a 22-year-old man, was also seriously injured. They were both reported to be in stable condition one day after the incident.

The truck that crossed the centerline came to rest in the eastbound lane of the highway. Authorities continued to investigate the possible causes of the accident at the time of the report.

Motor vehicle accidents like this one often lead to catastrophic injuries. Sometimes, underinsured or uninsured drivers who suffer these serious injuries not only have to endure pain and suffering, but they also have to take care of expensive medical bills. When distracted or otherwise negligent drivers are involved, a lawyer might be able to help victims hold those individuals accountable for damages. Throughout these types of proceedings, an attorney could help to establish the case and offer much-needed support and guidance.

Source: Statesman, “DPS identifies man killed earlier this week in Texas 71 crash,” Rachel Rice, March 5, 2015