According to reports, a 41-year-old woman from Calvert was killed on Jan. 6 in a car accident that involved four other vehicles, including an 18-wheeler. The collision occurred around 8:45 p.m. on Interstate 45 just two miles south of Buffalo when a Dodge Journey crossed over the median.

The investigation shows that all four cars were traveling the same way on the interstate; when the Dodge crossed the median, it reportedly caused the other cars to suddenly brake. The 18-wheeler then crashed into the vehicles from the rear.

The driver of the rig was not injured in the accident, but three other individuals were injured. Two drives were treated at St. Joseph Health Center, and a third was treated at East Texas Medical Center. All were said to be in stable condition with debilitating injuries. The woman who died was a passenger in the Dodge.

It is probable that the extent of their recovery times may take a while and might require physical therapy or additional medical treatment. Since it is unclear what caused the Dodge to suddenly lose control, police may find that a specific circumstance lead to the series of collisions. For example, it is possible that a defective auto part, distracted driving or impaired driving caused the driver’s loss of control. Authorities might discover that a different situation, such as hazardous road conditions or debris on the road caused the vehicle to cross over the median. Sometimes injured parties might hire a personal injury attorney to assist with the case in order to seek compensation to help with medical expenses.

Source: KWTX, “Central Texas Woman Dies In 4-Vehicle Interstate Crash”, Paul J. Gately, Jan. 7, 2015