A 25-year-old man is accused of running into three different cars while driving drunk in Texas. The accidents happened in the far northeastern quadrant of the Dallas municipal area at the corner of Forest Lane and Plano Road.

The Dallas Department of Public Safety has released a report alleging that on Nov. 25 at about 11 p.m., a man driving east on Forest Lane failed to heed a red light, causing a collision with three other vehicles in the northbound lanes. One of the people involved in the incident was a 69-year-old woman who suffered injuries requiring medical evacuation to the Medical Center of Plano. The doctors were unable to sufficiently stabilize her physical condition, and she passed away as a direct result of the wreck.

Three other people were transported to hospitals for treatment after the wreck, including the man suspected of starting the accident. A spokesperson for the Dallas police stated their intention to charge him with intoxication manslaughter due to the death of the woman.

Liability may be more difficult to assign in multi-vehicle accidents, but Texas law indicates that proportionate responsibility can be an important determining factor in the division of responsibility and the payment of compensation. However, in cases where one driver was in flagrant violation of the law and the other drivers were within the rules of the road, the responsibility may fall on the law-breaking driver. A lawyer may be able to help the plaintiff or plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit accurately determine the events of the accident and present them to the court in an attempt to retrieve compensation.

Source: dallasnews, “Woman killed Tuesday night in crash involving suspected drunken driver in Far Northeast Dallas”, Tasha Tsiaperas, November 26, 2014