Two people were killed and three critically injured in a wrong-way crash in Texas on Oct. 13. An investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, and police do not believe alcohol was involved. According to reports, an investigation into whether the driver experienced a medical event prior to the accident is pending.

San Antonio police indicated that the driver believed to be responsible for the accident was traveling westbound on Vance Johnson Road when, for an unknown reason, the vehicle crossed the roadway median. The vehicle continued westbound in the opposite lanes where it struck a Mercedes SUV. The second driver and his two children were critically injured in the crash. All three were transported to a local hospital. A third passenger, the driver’s wife, died at the scene. The impact also killed the wrong-way driver.

At this time, there is no information concerning the driver’s identity. A wrong-way driver, as in this case, may cross into traffic for a variety of reasons including impaired driving, fatigue, distracted driving and medical emergencies. Responsible drivers may find it appropriate to limit driving if they suffer from a medical condition unless it is under control.

The loss of a family member may lead to financial burdens as well as emotional hardship. These issues may include end-of-life expenses such as funeral and burial costs, loss of income and the person’s contribution to caring for children.

In a similar situation, an attorney may help determine an avenue for seeking wrongful death compensation from a suspected negligent driver or their estate if they perished in the crash. If the nature of the accident warrants it, punitive damages may also be sought.

Source: KENS, “2 killed, 3 critically injured in major crash on Vance Jackson”, October 13, 2014