A collision that occurred between two tractor-trailers in West Texas led to a fire, the deaths of both drivers and the serious injury of the one passenger who escaped. Authorities indicated that the wreck happened at 10:51 on Sept. 4.

According to reconstructions of the event, a Peterbilt tractor-trailer was waiting on the east side of TX-163 with a load of 12 large wooden planks on a flatbed semi-trailer as another Peterbilt tractor-trailer, this one carrying a tank semi-trailer full of crude oil, drove northbound. The driver of the plank truck attempted a U-turn across the highway and blocked the northbound lanes as the oil truck approached it at highway speeds. The driver of the oil truck attempted to stop his vehicle and steer around the plank truck, but he could not do it in time. The oil truck ran into the driver’s side of the plank truck’s cab. The force of the impact pushed the plank truck to the opposite side of the road, causing the oil truck to roll over on its side and setting both vehicles on fire.

The semi truck accident claimed the lives of both drivers. The passenger in the plank truck, the driver’s wife, was able to escape the vehicle. She had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment of her injuries.

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Source: San Angelo LIVE, “Official Report Identifies the Dead in Irion County Semi-Truck Collision“, Joe Hyde, September 04, 2014