In today’s busy world, multitasking is generally viewed as a good and productive thing. However, there is one area where multitasking is a very bad thing and has absolutely no place: the driver’s seat. When a person is behind the wheel of an automobile, their mind should be focused on one thing and one thing alone: driving. Unfortunately, drivers do sometimes let themselves fall into multitasking when out on the roads.

One temptation drivers sometimes fall into is the temptation to turn the driver’s seat into something of a mobile office, in which they take their calls, texts, emails and other correspondence from mobile devices. Driving while talking on the phone, texting or emailing can make a person much more likely to get into an auto accident. A recent study indicates that a driver’s car crash risk well over quadruples when they use a hands-free device, a cellphone or a tablet to engage in such things.

Another temptation drivers sometimes fall prey to is the temptation to turn the driver’s seat into a dining room: a place where they can have their morning coffee or their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Drinking beverages and eating while driving doesn’t get as much attention as some other forms of distracted driving, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t dangerous. The above-mentioned study indicates that, when individuals eat or drink when driving, they well over triple their chances of involvement in a crash.

Given the great harm multitasking while driving in any of its forms can cause those who engage in it and those around them, one hopes that drivers here in Texas will “just say no” when it comes to such conduct.

Why do you think multitasking when behind the wheel is as widespread as it is? What do you think could help reduce it?

Source: 9News, “Distracted driving: Eating, drinking behind the wheel,” Taylor Temby, June 12, 2014