Before I met Greg, the insurance adjuster handling Greg’s injury claims told him that there was only $25,000.00 in policy limits available and that Greg could have it all.All Greg had to do was sign the release.I quickly learned that there was really one million dollars in coverage to apply toward Greg’s serious injuries and ongoing surgical expenses.   If Greg hadn’t taken his time and sought counsel, he would have signed the release and settled his case for a small fraction of its value.Before I met Julie, an insurance adjuster told Julie that the current offer for her head injury was all that would ever be offered and that it was already more than her case was worth.  It turned out that the adjuster was only offering about 55% of what she was authorized to offer.I do not share these stories to imply that insurance adjusters are categorically dishonest and should never be trusted.I share these stories to point out that in the world of injury claims there is wisdom in slowing down and seeking counsel.After an accident, when the negligent party’s insurance carrier calls and wants to work out a settlement right away to help you out with your medical bills, slow down and look at the bigger picture.Why slow down?  Chances are good that you don’t know the true extent of your injuries.  After her accident, Gwen was offered $2,500.00 right away to settle her case and help pay her ER bills, but it took several more weeks for Gwen to learn that she had herniated discs in her neck caused by the accident that would require ongoing care.Slow down and remember that a fast settlement is usually in the best interest of the insurance carrier whose insured caused the accident and injuries.  Taking your time and learning the full truth about your health and available options is in your best interest.Finally, why seek counsel to review your claims?  Chances are good that this accident may only be your first or second in your lifetime.  An attorney who focuses on accident and injury cases has likely handled hundreds of similar cases and can provide you with guidance, connections to medical care, and an accurate evaluation of what can be expected as the case develops.  An experienced attorney can help you slow down and avoid settling for too little, too soon.