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May 2012 Archives

I Started Hurting Three Days After My Accident. What Do I Do?

Many people do not feel significant pain or discomfort until 48 to 72 hours or longer after an accident. This is not uncommon, and there are many reasons for the delayed onset of pain, including post-accident adrenaline and the nature of inflammation and swelling.

I've Been Sued! What Do I Do?

A process server or sheriff just came to your door and handed you a citation and a copy of the Plaintiff's Original Petition. You have been sued. Now what?

Bicycle Accidents Increasing in Austin

The numbers of drivers and bicyclists is rising in Austin. The number of cars is dramatically increasing because the population of our city continues its rapid rise. The number of cyclists continues to increase for a number of reasons, including impressive efforts in Austin to promote safer streets for cyclists and the growing view of cycling as an inexpensive, green, healthy, and enjoyable alternative to short distance car travel.