The time it takes to resolve a personal injury claim varies from case to case, but from the outset of your case, the most important thing is your health and recovery. It is important to focus on finishing your medical treatment before resolving your claim for several reasons.

All parties are in a better position to evaluate your claim after your medical treatment has ended and you have been released from your doctor’s care. Oftentimes, complex injuries such as spinal injuries and shoulder tears emerge several weeks to several months after an accident. If the focus is only on a quick resolution of claims, then far more serious, permanent, and life changing injuries may be missed. It is also important to wait until medical treatment has ended so all parties have a clear picture of how your injuries and recovery process have impacted your life. Sometimes income or jobs are lost weeks or months after an accident because of the demands of the recovery process. It is impossible to predict with certainty how long it will take to settle a particular claim because no two cases are ever the same. However, when the focus is on you and your recovery, you may have a higher sense of certainty that your entire claim has been properly evaluated on the day of settlement.