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Driving too close to commercial trucks can put you at risk

Driving safely means managing multiple risk factors every time you hit the road. Of course, you already know that you need to monitor your vehicle for safety issues, such as the potential for your engine to overheat. You also need to pay close attention to other people on the road.

Watching out for drivers who are swerving or otherwise driving erratically is an important safety precaution. Similarly, you should make sure that you always give commercial trucks a wide berth. Driving too close to them could increase your risk of a crash, and as a smaller vehicle, you will likely suffer worse damages than the commercial truck.

How paralysis from a car crash changes your life in Texas

Car crashes happen every day in the state of Texas. Some of them are minor, with nothing more than property damage and maybe some bruising to the people involved. Others are more significant, causing massive injury and even death.

One of the more severe injuries people can suffer after a major collision is the spinal cord injury leading to paralysis. Some people can also develop partial paralysis or other mobility issues as a result of traumatic brain injuries. Regardless of whether you injured your head or your back, a paralyzing injury that affects your mobility can completely change your life.

Can you receive compensation after a dog bite attack in Texas?

Dogs are one of the most popular domesticated pets in the country. Millions of people in the United States and hundreds of thousands of people in Texas alone own a dog. Most of the time, these companion animals behave themselves well and present no real threat to the general public.

However, some dogs are vicious or unstable in nature. Other dogs are intentionally mistreated and abused by their owners to produce aggressive behaviors. Whether a dog was a pet who just snapped or was a dog intentionally trained to viciousness, when your family ends up victimized by an aggressive animal, you need to know your rights in the state of Texas.

How wrongful death suits protect your family after a tragedy

Losing a loved one unexpectedly in a car crash or other accident is heartbreaking. Typically, you won't have a chance to say goodbye or tie up loose ends with your loved one. Instead, they simply don't come home one day. You're left to deal with planning a funeral and figuring out how to move on with your life after such as sudden loss.

Grief is a strong emotion, and it's common for people in the throes of grief to overlook practical concerns, like reduced income or the expenses associated with emergency medical care and a funeral. When someone else caused the death of your loved one, whether through negligence in caring for a property or by driving while drunk or texting at the wheel, you may be able to pursue compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Medical mistakes in surgery can prove devastating for patients

You trust your doctor with your health, quality of life and even your life itself. This is especially true when you need to go in for surgery. Whether it's the removal of a tumor, the correction of a valve problem in your heart or even a joint replacement, surgeries are risky, invasive medical procedures that can cause a host of issues, even if properly performed.

Sadly, medical mistakes in surgery are actually quite common. For the patients who end up hurt due to a doctor's mistake or negligence, the ongoing costs can include medical expenses, increased pain levels, longer recovery times and even a worse prognosis for the condition. Patients may need to carefully examine what happened to determine if the event constitutes medical malpractice.

Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles often suffer fatal injuries

Cars, trucks and SUVs can make life so much simpler. Instead of needing to plan your life around the availability of public transportation or budgeting to pay for taxi or ride share services, you can simply jump in your vehicle and hit the road when you have somewhere to go.

However, the flip side of that instant convenience is the ongoing risk of an accident. Motor vehicles can cause severe injury or death to others, particularly when they strike a pedestrian instead of another vehicle.

What happens when you get hurt at the store?

Any facility that is open to the public should take reasonable steps to prevent injury to those who visit. Those steps could include snow or ice removal in the winter, addressing spills inside quickly and maintaining the property. Broken railings, glass or pavement could all create unnecessary hazards for the public. Overly waxed flooring could result in a slip-and-fall incident. Even furniture and fixtures improperly mounted or constructed could create a risk of injury.

Businesses already know that they should take steps to protect the public from injuries on their property. That's because the law creates liability for property owners, known as premises liability. If neglect or improper maintenance lead to someone suffering an injury on private property, the owner or manager of that property could be financially liable for any losses suffered by the injured party.

Drunk driving accidents are far too common in Texas

Most people understand that getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is a dangerous decision. It's also illegal, as every driver in Texas learns during pre-licensing education programs. However, some people do still choose to drive after consuming alcohol. These individuals often place others at increased risk of a collision or crash. Alcohol can have a profound impact on someone's ability to manage a vehicle.

Delayed reaction times, susceptibility to distraction, decrease in overall skill and even falling asleep at the wheel can result from drinking while impaired. It only takes a moment for an impaired driver to crash into someone else's vehicle and change that person's life forever. If the other person is a pedestrian or traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle, the resulting injuries could be even worse. Victims of drunk drivers could suffer spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and host of other serious injuries.

Summer sun glare could cause a crash, so invest in sunglasses

As our hemisphere tilts closer toward the sun, many incredible things happen. Weather becomes warmer, thanks to stronger solar radiation heating up our part of the planet. The days also become longer, meaning that there are more minutes and hours of sunlight. The intensity of the light we experience also increases, meaning there's now more risk than in other seasons of both sunburn and serious glare in your eyes.

Glare is a risk factor that many people in vehicles overlook. Drivers are often so excited to get out and enjoy warmer weather that they simply don't consider the shifting risk factors for a motor vehicle collision in the summer. Failing to seriously consider glare as a risk and take steps to reduce it could leave you in danger of a crash while on the road.

Watch out for people handling phones while driving

You try your best to be a responsible driver. That means avoiding alcohol when you know you have to drive and ensuring you are alert enough to safely manage a car. It also means that you keep your hands and your eyes off your smartphone while you're driving. Unfortunately, far too many other people make the opposite, less responsible decision. They choose to indulge in distraction and put others at risk for a crash.

You likely already know that there are probably people on the road sending texts, dialing phone numbers or looking down at their phone for some reason. You likely don't realize how serious and prevalent of an issue it is.

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