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Drivers should never use their phones in the car

Every day, people die in unnecessary, avoidable accidents. They lose their lives because other drivers could not stay off of the phone. Whether they're talking or texting, these drivers put everyone in danger, and it has to stop.

After all, even victims who live through these catastrophic crashes could have traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, amputation injuries and many other life-changing issues. They may never be able to walk, work, talk or enjoy their hobbies again. The changes can ruin relationships and families.

"Booze cruising" and the danger of drunk summer drivers

For many people across Texas, the summer is a time to kick back and relax. Although they may work throughout the summer, they likely will take vacation at some point and will do everything in their power to make the most of their weekends.

To some people, a relaxing summer adventure likely looks something like taking the boat out or going to an amusement park with the family. For others, it might look more like over-indulging with alcohol at a backyard barbecue or picnic. Some people will even intentionally drink while driving, a practice known as "booze cruising."

Defensive driving tips to help keep you safe

Defensive driving goes a long way in helping you avoid trouble on the road. With the right approach, you can prevent accidents while avoiding run-ins with aggressive drivers.

Unfortunately, many people don't know what it means to drive in a defensive manner. Conversely, they're entirely too aggressive on the road, which puts them at risk of an accident.

Protect yourself when making a car insurance claim

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are some important steps to take as soon as possible. In addition to receiving medical treatment for any injuries, you should do your best to file a claim with your insurance company in a timely manner.

The car insurance claim process is typically full of stress and concern, as you may have an uneasy feeling about the way you're treated. Even if you have a good relationship with your agent, don't assume this person is on your side.

Understanding comparative negligence after a crash

As a Texas driver, you likely head out with the expectation that you will arrive safely at your destination. Unfortunately, for a small fraction of the people on the road, that isn't what happens. Instead, they wind up hurt in a motor vehicle collision that leaves their vehicle damaged and their body injured.

If the situation involves someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, someone texting or making poor driving decisions, such as running a red light, you probably think that you have a clear-cut case for a personal injury lawsuit.

Eating or drinking while driving can cause serious crashes

You are a cautious driver, which is why you always park when you eat fast food. You know that you could take the food and drive off, eating while you travel, but the extra few minutes won't impact your travel much or make you so late that it's inexcusable.

Knowing how you are with food and drinks in your vehicle, you were shocked when you were struck by another driver. That driver was eating behind the wheel and had spilled something on themselves. The person reacted to the spill, looking away from the road, and that's all it took to cause a collision.

A "beware of dog" sign could bolster your Texas dog bite case

The average dog is a friendly companion who can offer love, entertainment, opportunity for exercise and even protection. Unfortunately, like humans, dogs come in a variety of temperaments and backgrounds.

Some dogs have mental health deficiencies that may make them more likely to suddenly become aggressive. Other animals may have had a difficult or abusive upbringing that inclines them toward violence in certain situations.

Concussions can have lasting consequences

After an accident, victims often shrug off the possibility of injuries in order to close this unfortunate chapter of their lives. They may focus more on the necessary car repairs than on their own potential health crises.

This, however, can be incredibly dangerous. In the case of some closed head injuries, ignoring the signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can lead to life-threatening complications that require immediate surgical intervention to survive.

You can still file a lawsuit against convicted drunk drivers

Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to be tragic, but those involving impaired drivers can cause catastrophic injuries. Impaired drivers can make serious mistakes, ranging from driving the wrong way on a one-way street to speeding in a reckless manner. Other people can wind up hurt or even killed because of what an impaired or drunk driver does on the road.

For those affected by drunk drivers, there are many options available for justice. The most important thing to understand is that you don't have to choose only one. If Texas has brought charges against the driver, it doesn't mean that you can't also seek justice separately. In fact, a criminal conviction could make a personal injury lawsuit easier.

How do you put an accurate price on injuries that you suffered?

If you wind up severely injured, it can be very difficult to fully grasp the impact of the injury at first. Whether you got hurt due to a car accident or negligent property maintenance on the part of another person, an injury can have long-lasting and complex consequences for the person who suffers it. This can make accurately pricing the impact of that injury incredibly difficult.

Unfortunately, an estimate of the financial impact of the injury is necessary if you want to seek compensation from the party responsible for said injury. There are many factors to consider, ranging from provable financial impacts to more complicated costs. Putting an accurate figure on all of these considerations is necessary if you hope to receive adequate compensation for your injury.

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