Facts and help in the face of birth injuries

Expectant and new parents should learn about common birth injuries, what to look for and how to get help in the event of problems.

The nine months that span the typical human pregnancy should be filled with joy and excited expectations. While this can be the case for many Texas families, others are not as fortunate. Birth injuries that occur during what can appear to be routine deliveries or during emergency deliveries in the face of pregnancy complications can turn happy expectations into tragic realities.

It can be helpful for people to learn some of the warning signs that may lead to lifelong disabilities or even death. Prevention of birth injuries can be possible when armed with the right information.

Pregnancy complications to watch for

As a medical condition, many complications can arise during pregnancy that may compromise the health of babies and mothers. Ensuring proper and prompt action when symptoms first appear is important. This may involve proactive steps on the part of patients.

For example, pregnant women who notice changes in their babies’ movement or experience vaginal bleeding should seek medical care. If fetal heart rate changes are noticed, a placental abruption can be the cause as the American Pregnancy Association identifies all of these as common symptoms of this problem. Without intervention, the chance of death for babies is 15 percent.

A uterine rupture is another form of complication that can arise during pregnancy. This happens when scars from prior Caesarean births give way and essentially open up the uterus. Once again, seeking immediate help is critical to saving babies’ lives or preventing serious personal injuries.

Common birth injuries to be aware of

Cerebral palsy is one of the most well-known birth injuries. It is estimated by WebMD.com that as many as 20 percent of cases of cerebral palsy are due to brain damage that occurred during birth. The damaged brain nerves are those that control muscle movement. Cerebral palsy symptoms can be minor or severe depending upon the specific circumstances.

Erb’s palsy is another birth injury that results from nerve damage. In this case, the affected nerves are those near the shoulder that control arm movement. In mild cases, weakness in the affected arms is noted. In severe cases, arms can be completely paralyzed.

Action matters

Whether seeking immediate medical attention to suspected pregnancy complications or birth difficulties or help in the face of detected birth injuries, getting professional help fast matters. Ideally preventing injuries to newborn babies is the goal. When that sadly cannot happen, families deserve to receive compensation and an attorney is the best person to facilitate that.

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