Despite recognizing dangers, Texas drivers continue to text and drive

A new study reveals that many drivers realize that texting and driving is dangerous, but continue to participate in this hazardous activity anyway.

When drivers in Texas get behind the wheel of their vehicle, they often use their cellphones to text and drive. Although a new survey conducted by AT&T discovered that many drivers believe that texting and driving is dangerous, a large majority continue to participate in this hazardous activity anyway.

Drivers believe they can multitask

In this survey, over 90 percent of participants reported that they knew that using their cellphone to send or read a text message while behind the wheel of a vehicle is dangerous. However, approximately three fourths of the respondents admitted that they glanced at their cellphones while driving.

Some say that drivers are tempted to text and drive simultaneously because they believe that they can effectively multitask and that the one time they choose to participate in this behavior will not be dangerous. Three out of every 10 drivers reported that they could easily accomplish multiple tasks at once, even while driving.

Confident multitaskers are the most dangerous

Although some believe that they can effectively multitask, a study found that those who believe that they are good at performing two tasks at once are most likely to be the worst at it, states Scientific American. To come to this conclusion, researchers:

  • Analyzed the participants’ individual beliefs about multitasking
  • Compared these beliefs to the participants’ likeliness to use a cellphone while driving
  • Looked at each participant’s actual multitasking abilities

After analyzing each participant’s results, the researchers not only found that the participants who thought that they were the best at multitasking could not handle performing two activities at once successfully, but that this group of drivers were also most likely to use their cellphones while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Accidents still occur

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the state does not have a complete ban on texting and driving. Due to this, many accidents involving distracted drivers that cause passengers, pedestrians and drivers to experience consequences that harm them physically, emotionally and financially still occur every year. The DOT states that in 2013, 94,943 crashes, which caused 459 deaths and 18,576 serious injuries, involving distracted drivers occurred. Additionally, one out of every five accidents in Texas involves some form of distracted driving.

Those in Texas who were involved in an injurious accident caused by a driver who chose to use his or her cellphone behind the wheel may be eligible to receive compensation to cover the cost of their medical bills, pain and suffering and rehabilitative expenses. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, contact an attorney to find out what compensation may be available to you.

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