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At The Law Office Of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C., you are the star. As I help you with your legal needs, goals and concerns, I will make sure you remain the very center of everything I do as your attorney.

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Sound Counsel And Aggressive Personal Injury Representation

After suffering serious injuries or losing someone you love in an accident, you will be facing a challenging road ahead. No defendant will give an accident victim adequate compensation without a fight, so the legal process needs to be handled by a lawyer with experience and tenacity. But even most plaintiffs' attorneys are starting to charge a higher contingency percentage in their cases, reducing clients' recovery. So it is critical to work with an attorney who will help you obtain the best compensation award possible, while letting you keep a reasonable percentage of your own award.

My Commitment to Clients

Since I started operating my law firm — The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C. — I have been committed to fighting aggressively for my clients. I will protect your rights in the injury claim process and help you keep more of your settlement award. Serving clients throughout Central Texas, including Georgetown, Austin, I have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in a range of personal injury matters, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: I handle all types of vehicle accident claims, including auto and truck accident claims involving serious injuries. I also represent clients who have lost family members in fatal vehicle accidents and fatal semi-truck accidents. I can help you obtain the full measure of compensation, including long-term medical bills, lost wages and other damages.
  • Premises liability: I represent clients who have been hurt due to dangerous conditions on others' properties. These claims can involve slip and fall, dangerous stairways and elevators, parking lot accidents and related claims.
  • Dog bites: The laws surrounding personal injury liability in dog bite claims can be complex, but I can help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation you need.
  • Medical malpractice: I handle a range of medical malpractice claims involving birthing errors, emergency room errors, surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication errors and related claims.

I am a lawyer who takes great pride in the compassion and personalized service I give to my clients as well as the aggressive, tenacious approach I take to protect their interests. My colleagues have nicknamed me "The Boar" because of the aggressive approach I take with my clients' adversaries and the insurance companies involved. As an experienced personal injury attorney, my goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve.

I represent including child custody and visitation agreements, alimony, post-decree modifications and more. I can also assist you with protection orders if domestic violence is involved. As your attorney, you are the center of my practice.

The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C. provides sound advice for estate planning and trusts. It's never too early to make your wishes known and put an estate plan in place.

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