Do You Have Questions About Making Your Will?

If you're thinking of putting your will together, you probably have many questions. I am an estate planning and wills lawyer. Here are some of the frequently asked questions heard in my Texas law office, The Law Office of Carl Knickerbocker, P.C.

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Who can make a will in Texas?

Anyone who is 18 or older can make a will. This individual, also known as a testator, must be of sound mind.

Are there taxes on wills?

Yes. Texas does have an inheritance tax.

What is probate?

You may wonder how you can keep your estate from going through probate. Setting up a will or trust properly can help prevent this from happening. It will also make it easier for your estate to get settled so your heirs will not have to go through a lengthy and potentially costly court proceeding to finalize your affairs.

Do I need witnesses to my signature to make a will valid?

Yes. Texas law requires that you have at least two witnesses if the will is in writing. You may also have an oral will. For oral wills to be valid, there must be at least three witnesses.

Do I need an attorney to create a will?

No, you do not need an attorney to create a will. However, an attorney can ensure that your will is well thought out and comprehensive. An attorney can guide you through the will creation process and help ensure that important considerations are not overlooked. An attorney can also make sure something was not missed in order for the will to be valid and executable.

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